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Do you ever go out and look around you and wonder what the woman’s story is who is sitting next to you?

I entered a small coffee shop earlier today and sat down to do some research on the web. A woman walked in, impeccably dressed, Ipad in hand, cappuccino in the other. I sat, a little envious of this confident, well dressed woman, when I noticed a nervous tick and hasty sips at her coffee as if she were desperate to take in the warmth sitting in the mug the barista had handed her. What had happened to make this woman seek council in a cappuccino? She sat, eyes darting everywhere but the app open on her Ipad, and I wondered what story she had to tell.

Perhaps it is the story of a stressful day at work. A deadline? A break-up? A fight between friends?

I will never know her story, or many others like it. However, I think it is important to remember that we are not the only ones with stories to tell.