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Lessons Learned From a Finch


Many people look at birds (namely the eagle, dove, etc.) as being living symbols of freedom and the carefree nature within. I myself have often viewed a tiny bird pecking at bread or flitting around and wished with all my being that I could inhabit that tiny body and fly away at whim to my nest with worm in beak. It all seems so simple. 

What people, including myself, ignore, is that these birds fight for their survival just like we do. They struggle to find and claim territory for food. They have to build their nests from scratch. They have to search for a mate; love, lose, and gain so to speak. They have to feed their young. 

And so, like humans, they struggle to maintain their lives and thrive. Like us, they may appear to be the happiest creatures in the world, yet behind the adorable exterior they fight for what they are. A lesson can be learned even from a finch. No matter who you are or how happy you appear, you have to work to get there. Maybe everything isn’t as easy as it appears in the people’s lives around you. You simply have to take notice, and you have to work in order to fly.




I figure that everyday is a new beginning. Some beginnings are more significant than others, some are easy to overlook and ignore. Every once in a while, one stops to realize that the beginning that they are waking up to is a very important one indeed. The last few weeks of my life have awoken me to the fact that the chapter of my life that I am currently beginning, is in fact, one of the very important ones. Noting personal growth, loss, and discovery has led me to note the things around me in my everyday life in a different light. I want to share these things, in whatever forms they may appear to me.