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Do you ever go out and look around you and wonder what the woman’s story is who is sitting next to you?

I entered a small coffee shop earlier today and sat down to do some research on the web. A woman walked in, impeccably dressed, Ipad in hand, cappuccino in the other. I sat, a little envious of this confident, well dressed woman, when I noticed a nervous tick and hasty sips at her coffee as if she were desperate to take in the warmth sitting in the mug the barista had handed her. What had happened to make this woman seek council in a cappuccino? She sat, eyes darting everywhere but the app open on her Ipad, and I wondered what story she had to tell.

Perhaps it is the story of a stressful day at work. A deadline? A break-up? A fight between friends?

I will never know her story, or many others like it. However, I think it is important to remember that we are not the only ones with stories to tell.






For those of you in the rave community, the word PLUR means a lot. Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. The only problem is, many of those considering themselves a part of our community have no idea what those letters stand for. Perhaps some simply don’t care.

After attending several raves and small festivals that seemed to have buried any notions of PLUR, I began to lose hope in much of the EDM community. I found solace in small, underground events, thinking that perhaps only the people who had been around a while could understand where I was coming from and that the new, younger inductees to our scene had lost all Respect for our traditions.

So, understandably, I geared up for Ultra Music Festival with my kandi and costumes, but not expecting to find people wanting to share, connect, or trade at such a big and commercialized event. Chilling to the side of the crowd, beginning to feel a little put out about what I had considered to be one of the most loving, sharing, and loving scenes in existence. Having been bugged for photos all day because of my unicorn attire, when two teenage girls approached me, I braced myself for the inevitable. But, instead of bugging me for pictures for their tumblers and instagrams, they saw instead my kandi and wondered if they could add to my collection. After giving me a piece, they both turned to go, expecting none in return. I quickly grabbed them and hugged them, expressing my wish to return their gift. Little did the two of them know, they had given me a greater gift then the two wonderfully made bracelets they had made.

No matter when or where I wear my kandi, I have since kept at least one of those pieces with me as a reminder that people who love EDM for the message it brings us are everywhere, in all kinds of costumes, and can be some of the newest members of our precious community.

So, while EDM has become a more commercialized scene and kandi can be bought in stores (one of my biggest pet-peeves), the culture that we love and feel safe in remains the backbone of it all.

Keep spreading that Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect everyone. ❤

Turtle xx




In the small moments that seem to pass us by at light speed, one can find a personal paradise. A paradise that blocks out the darkness of surrounding circumstances and can light up the soul.



It has taken me a long time to realize that things aren’t always what they seem. I don’t just mean looking at a book or a DVD and judging it by its’ cover art. I mean realizing that everyone is wearing make up and masks, false eyelashes and smiles. It is a rare moment to be able to see a person who is displaying true emotion, emotion that comes simply from within THEM.

I have come to realize that we smile to show our pain to the world. That way the world is able to move on without sharing it. Then, there are others who make themselves into pieces of art and pain in order to share the joys of their art and expression to the world. It takes someone who truly cares to see beyond all of that into the person you truly are.

Whether we wish to believe it of ourselves and others, we are all actors, clowns, and mimes in the plays and circuses of life. We put on our make-up and perform for the people that make up the audiences around us.

Perhaps taking the time to study a smile or a frown on a friend’s face would give us more insight to how we interact with people. Knowing the difference between a smile of contentment, a smile of grief, and a smile of unconfined joy can be the key to making someone’s day the day that they deserve and remember, because even the littlest of understandings can change someone’s life.



I figure that everyday is a new beginning. Some beginnings are more significant than others, some are easy to overlook and ignore. Every once in a while, one stops to realize that the beginning that they are waking up to is a very important one indeed. The last few weeks of my life have awoken me to the fact that the chapter of my life that I am currently beginning, is in fact, one of the very important ones. Noting personal growth, loss, and discovery has led me to note the things around me in my everyday life in a different light. I want to share these things, in whatever forms they may appear to me.